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Meanwhile, are you familiar with using the debug-stepper and investigator tools?When you get the error, hover the mouse over the line that highlights to see if any tooltips appear to offer values for the pieces (such as wbk Emp Old).Chris I am sorry you have the flu and to be imposing on you.I am running Excel 2007 and it is Excel 2007 that I put your code into my PERSONAL. The data files that are being sent to me from management 99% have the ending extension I have also placed a message after successfuil consolidation after the produced sheets mave been merged.The only nicety would be to make the column widths in the consolidated worksheet the same as those of the worksheets being combined.Can Concerto Cloud Services help you focus on evolving your application offerings, while delivering the best cloud experience to your customers?From Dev Ops to revenue models and customer support, the answer is yes! mreid3847, You might want to go back to the article, and post a comment there that links back to this question.

I have multiple workbooks that are all in the same work directory c:\temp. The workbooks all have different names but they are all done off a template workbook so they all have the same worksheet format.That way the article's author brettdj will see it, and he may have some better insight as to how to help you push forward. Worksheets From what I can see, this should be fine.In any event, if no one else chimes in within a few hours, I suggest you use that Request Attention link, and ask the Mods to send Expert alerts. That said, there should probably also be some nice error-trapping added to handle these things.I will follow up as soon as the storms blow through the area.Misty Chris I took the last code you supplied and tested it. And it did open all workbooks located in the c:\temp directory and it did paste employee data into a new workbook before the error happend to halt the process.

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