Australian aboriginal dating

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This is only one of two sites in Australia that contains such clear and complex evidence of the coexistence of mega fauna with humans.

Kings Tableland in Blue Mountains, NSW is listed as a heritage site.

The site has a rock shelter with a set of grinding grooves (rock engravings) of bird and kangaroo tracks.

Excavation of this shelter has revealed that Aboriginal People occupied the shelter 22,000 years ago; making it the oldest dated Aboriginal site in the Blue Mountains.

Dating of the charcoal sediments around the fragments revealed that they are 45 000 - 49 000 years old.

This site was dated to be at least 65 000 years old and is the earliest evidence of seed grinding and pigment processing and use of edge-ground hatchets in the world.The Island would have risen 80-100m above sea level during the Pleistocene and researchers believe it may have been used as a shelter during the height of the last ice age. The Dampier Archipelago is a group of 42 islands off the coast of W. On Rosemary Island researchers from the University of Western Australia found evidence of stone houses making them the oldest houses in Australia.They found shell middens and a grinding stone in the house.Tasmanian Aboriginal people become isolated for the next 12 000 - 13 000 years.In a cave on Salisbury Island, 60km off the Esperance coast in Western Australia, researchers from Applied Archaeology Australia discovered stone tools that are at least 13 000 years old.

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