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“They’re comfortable because they make the ultimate decision,” Ron said.The Matchmaker of Maine isn’t just in Maine, but instead has a footprint all over New England.She wants to maintain the level of education she provides to her students while still being able to have a semblance of a personal life — and maybe even date.So, she creates a dating profile, searches through many matches, and exchanges emails with them, but doesn’t find that person she clicks with.He and his team have found a niche in the Northeast and take pride in having perfected a system. “Our members want a more personalized, safe, effective approach where they don’t have to go online, they don’t have to go into a bar, they don’t have to do anything,” Ron said.

That footprint allows them to serve the entire area, and the number of people he helps every year is a direct reflection of that.

One day, a student walks up to her and asks, “Are you having any luck with dating?

My dad showed me your profile he came across on a dating site and said you must be looking for someone.” Mortified, the teacher deletes her profile and wonders how she is going to meet someone.

It’s not easy, and we just try to make that process a little bit easier.” The Matchmaker of Maine makes it easy with a system that is personalized, inviting, and designed to bring in people who want something more serious.

Most of The Matchmaker of Maine’s clients are between the ages of 45 and 60, and they want the same thing many daters of any age want: long-term relationships.

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