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The Cardiff City Center as well as the Cardiff Bay are the prime financial areas of the city where most of the offices and businesses are located.A good idea is to hang out at the cafes and bars in these areas which will give you ample opportunities to strike up conversations with successful professionals.A final version will be available in January 2020, and will be used throughout Wales by 2022.The data shows commuting flows from areas in Wales to other areas (both in and out of Wales). Pubs and local bars are the hub of social life and here people come to have a drink, meet and make new friends as well as to listen to live contemporary of folk music.However if you want to be certain of rubbing shoulders with the successful and single rich men in Wales, Cardiff is the natural option.Of these the Gower Peninsula was the first to be designated as such in the UK, way back in 1956.Apart from nature, Wales is also rich in cultural landmarks and attracts thousands of tourists to heritage sites as the Gresford bells the Llangollen bridge, St Winefride's Well, the Wrexham steeple and the Overton Yew trees.

In 2005 tourism contributed to over 100,000 jobs in the service-sector, more than 8% of the country's workforce.Thus Wales is endowed with a wealth of natural beauty ranging from mountains, cliffs and forests to bays, coastlines and lakes.In fact Wales has five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty including the Anglesey, the Clwydian Range, the Gower Peninsula and the Wye Valley.So if you are looking for successful single rich men in Wales, it might make sense to zero in on someone who is part of the thriving tourism industry.Apart from being wined and dined at the best places, you could also find yourself a suitable guide to go walking, shopping, hiking in the mountains and visiting historic attractions, museums and galleries, all of which make up the most popular activities undertaken by tourists in Wales.

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