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The word is derived from the Hebrew Kabal, signifying to receive, because it is the doctrine received from the elders.It has sometimes been used in an enlarged sense, as comprehending all the explanations, maxims, and ceremonies which have been traditionally handed down to the Jews; but in that more limited acceptation, in which it is intimately connected with the symbolic science of Freemasonry, the Cabala may be defined to be a system of philosophy which embraces certain mystical interpretations of Scripture, and metaphysical and spiritual beings.Cougars flock here each and every week to sip on rum and listen to some live music.Get out there on the dance floor and bust some moves to impress the ladies, or why not sit in one of the secluded corners and share a plate of some delicious Caribbean fare?On Wednesday head here for complimentary Salsa lessons where you can get a little sweaty and learn some new moves with your Cougar dance partner, or simply learn how to swing those hips and return on the weekend to impress all the ladies.This vibrant club can be found in the heart of the Rush & Division strip.Decent food is also on offer, and there are 29 (yes 29!) plasmas showing different sporting events throughout the week.

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It attracts and older business crowd who come to the bar after work to have meetings and unwind.

A fun and lively place this Cougar bar in Chicago has more of a relaxed vibe.

if you are looking for something a little more low key where you can enjoy your huge fishbowl cocktail in a massive beer garden then this is the place to head to.

If you prefer a more manly venue to do your hunting, the Green Mill will be right up your street.

Kitted out as a speakeasy you can sip on strong liquor and listen to some live jazz or swing music.

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