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The destroyer returned to San Francisco 29 September 1921 via Guam, Midway, and Pearl Harbor. Transferred to the Scouting Fleet 1 February 1931, she cruised off Panama, Haiti, and Cuba before being attached to the Rotating Reserve from August 1933 to February 1934.Greer decommissioned at San Diego 22 June 1922, and was placed in reserve. Training exercises, battle practice, and plane guard duty filled Greers peacetime routine for the next 2 years.Adventurers - who want to cash in on the ship's 0,000 value as scrap - do not believe she has sunk because the life-raft transmitters would have gone off. Monte Carlo was stationed just a few miles off the Coronado coast when a powerful start set it adrift in 1937.But further research on the documentary suggested the ship was made of concrete - not metal - and other experts suggested it was one of the Mob's infamous gambling vessels from the 1930s. Monte Carlo which sank nearly 80 years ago but resurfaced in due February 2016 after a high tide. It ran aground, was buried by sand and forgotten about until it emerged again last year.Greer was launched by William Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Building Co., Philadelphia, 1 August 1918; sponsored by Miss Evelina Porter Gleaves, daughter of Rear Admiral Albert Gleaves; and commissioned 31 December 1918, Commander C. After exercises in coastal waters, Greer was assigned to Trepassy Bay, Newfoundland, for duties during a transatlantic flight by four Navy seaplanes, one of which, NC-4, safely completed the historic undertaking.After further training exercises and a European cruise, Greer was assigned to the Pacific Fleet, reaching San Francisco 18 November 1919.At 1300 the Greer started searching for the submarine and at 1512 . In fact, U-652 had indeed survived and promptly headed west to participate in the devastating U boat pack attack on convoy SC-42 in early September.In his postwar summary of the Stark report, Beard emphasised that (1) the Greer had chased the sub and held contact with the sub for 3 hours and 28 minutes before the sub fired its first torpedo; (2) the Greer then lost contact with the sub, searched, and after re-establishing contact two hours later, attacked immediately with depth charges, then (3) searched for three more hours before proceeding to its destination.

In Roosevelt's words: The Greer was flying the American flag. President Roosevelt announced what became known as his "shoot-on-sight" order: that Nazi submarines' "very presence in any waters which America deems vital to its defense constitutes an attack. From now on, if German or Italian vessels of war enter the waters, the protection of which is necessary for American defence, they do so at their own peril. Admiral Stark's report stated: At 0840 that morning, Greer, carrying mail and passengers to Iceland, "was informed by a British plane of the presence of a submerged submarine about 10 miles [(16 km)] directly ahead. This action, taken by the Greer, was in accordance with her orders, that is, to give out information but not to attack." The British plane continued in the vicinity of the submarine until 1032, but prior to her departure the plane dropped four depth charges in the vicinity of the submarine.The mafia-run ships were stationed in international waters and ran as floating casinos, brothels and speakeasys. USS Greer (DD–145) was a Wickes-class destroyer in the United States Navy, the first ship named for Rear Admiral James A. In what became known as the "Greer incident," she became the first US Navy ship to fire on a German ship, three months before the United States officially entered World War II. Roosevelt to issue what became known as his "shoot-on-sight" order. s shake down took her to Azores, from which she rendezvoused with George Washington, carrying President Woodrow Wilson home from the Versailles Peace Conference, and escorted her to the United States.A new documentary investigates the mysterious shipwreck which appeared off the Californian coast last year.The Science Channel's What on Earth documentary series launched a probe into the mystery ship after investigators noticed that the ship was 295ft - the same length as the 'cannibal rat-infested' Russian ghost ship Lyubov Orlova.

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